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SEN | XOR is a personal experience. In SEN | XOR your vital functions and your conscious and unconscious movements generate sounds and pictures.

You control kvsu~akirasrebirth's instruments with your body, your feelings and your perception.

You are the audience, the interpreter, the composer and the instrument. Analogue and unpredictable.

SEN | XOR is an audio/video performance originally created in 2014 for the festival transart. The electronic music duo kvsu and video artist akirasrebirth turned a small truck into an electronic music instrument, with which they toured South Tyrol playing 5-minute performances in which the spectator became part of the instrument itself.

SEN | XOR takes the viewer/listener through a micro experience made of sounds and pictures. The experience is a private and secret one, since it will allow only one spectator. It is a personal one because each performance will be unique and irreproducible, being the spectator the one central element that defines how it will develop.

kvsu and akirasrebirth incorporate the audience into the musical instrument. Each person will be connected to several sensors: A pulse oximeter detects the heart beat, an Electroencephalogram measures the brain activity and a 3D motion camera tracks the position of the left hand. The person’s vital parameters and her conscious and unconscious movements are then used to generate and shape both sound and picture. These signals affect the performance, which in turn affects the spectator’s perception and emotion. In a similar fashion to how circuits are creatively shorted in circuit bending, in SEN | XOR the performance’s input and output are connected together creating feedbacks and oscillations.

Since years kvsu and akirasrebirth have been dealing, respectively on the musical and visual side, with the humanisation of the machine in contrast with the machinisation of the human. In SEN | XOR the human being is turned into an analog and unpredictable module, part of a big electronic / biologic system. The spectator, the machines, the instruments, the operators (kvsu and akirasrebirth) all interact with each other effectively becoming one.







For the creation of SEN | XOR the following equipment was used:


  • Brainwave EEG sensor: NeuroSky MindWave Mobile, BrainWaveOSC (software), custom Max/MSP patch
  • Motion tracking: Microsoft Kinect MK1, SimpleKinect (software)
  • Hearbeat sensor: e-Health sensor shield and a pulse oximeter sensor with custom Arduino sketch


  • Digital video mapping: Resolume Arena, Quartz Composer, Benq short throw projector
  • Controler: Behringer BCF2000
  • Analog visuals: VideosynthΩhm, VideosynthΩhm_DUE, HSS3J video synth, motorized video kaleidoscope, Panasonic AVE5 videomixer, Edirol v4 videomixer, 6 CRT TVs
  • Signal plumbing: Osculator, PD, Mutable Instruments MIDIpal


  • Teenage Engineering OP1
  • Modular synth 1: Endorphin.es Furthrrr Generator, Make Noise Wogglebug, Maths, Phonogene, Echophon, Hexinverter.net Jupiter Storm, vcNOIZ, The Harvestman Malgorithm, Koma Elektronic SVF-201, Mutable Instruments Ripples, Music Thing Modular Spring, Doepfer A-101-2 Vactrol Lowpass Gate and others
  • Drums and Clock management: Sonic Potions LXR
  • Modular synth 2: Mutable Instruments Braids, Peaks, Ripples, Hexinverter.net Mutant Hihats, Mutant Bassdrum, Jupiter Storm, Orbitals, Microbe Equation Composer, Music Thing Modular Spring and others
  • Reverb: Lexicon MX400

The Authors


SEN | XOR was conceived, designed and performed by kvsu and akirasrebirth



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