K u r o d a m a

Kurodama works with sampling and obsessive looping, feeding from field recordings, everyday objects, modular synths and circuit-bent devices. His sound is grainy and organic, with a clear focus on texture and a dark and unsettling undertone.

A l b u m s

/// Intervallo

In the 80s, when I was a kid, we used to have this thing on TV called “intervallo”. It mostly consisted in slow, soothing music over photos of pictoresque Italian locations. I decided to reinterpret this concept – somehow turning it upside down – using pieces of music from my Kurodama project. This is mostly to create an outlet for my musical sketches and bits of footage that I record here and there. These videos will all be roughly 1min long, which is an interesting length for quick experiments and prevents me from getting lost in the minutiae that come with making longer tracks.

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/// Intimate Spaces

Released December 4, 2020

Intimate Spaces is a musical exploration of non-inhabitable architectural spaces and their sounds, performed and produced using a mixture of field recording, sampling and synthesis.

It is an album about the dark, cold and claustrophobic interior of a concrete bridge, the sounds from the street heard through a 5-storey cavaedium and the dripping noise of a pool leaking into the service room below it.

The sounds of the outside become the sounds of the inside, but not before having been radically changed and shaped into something new.

Ultimately, this is an album about inhabiting the sound of uninhabitable spaces.

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/// Ambient Nuggets #4

Released by Purlieu Recordings, May May 17, 2021

A split 2-track album with Benjamin Mauch.

Ambient Nuggets is a collection of virtual 7" releases focusing on shorter, easily digestable ambient tracks.

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/// We've Been Living Here for Three Years Now

Aired May 01, 2021 on The Neon Hospice

Three years ago we decided to move to the countryside. Over these three years, we moved three times, dwelling in three different houses, one of which we renovated and made what we currently call home.

I've never understood why people collect things. But to a certain degree, I probably do as well, but instead of physical objects, I prefer to collect sounds. Sometimes these sounds originate from nature Other times from humans and human artifacts like cars, household appliances and synthesizers.

This set is a diary of random moments, a collection of fragments, from these three years.

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/// Spam is the New Dada

Released April 30, 2012

On the 30th of April 1993 the Cern officially announced that the world wide web would be free for anyone to use. The internet as we know it was born.

It is now a big part of our lives, information flows in a continuous stream, and we flow with it, always connected.

There is no growing without pains. The signal that once used to be loud and clean, is getting harder and harder to find, drowned in a sea of gaggeling noise. Noise is what Kurodama likes to deal with, and the decay of information sometimes, unintentionally produces constructs of surrealistic beauty.

Spam is the New Dada is about that, about signal and noise, interference, information decay, content to bullshit ratio and about spam mails that deconstruct language to a point where it almost seems to mimic the work of the artistic avantgarde. The irony of it all is that spam is much older than the internet itself. The first unsolicited advertising mail was send on the 3rd of May 1978.

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