kvsu live at sinstruct

kvsu is a bipolar formation, suspended between the apparent immobility of drone music and the polyrhythmic frenzy of drum machines. their music is like a hidden mould, in a bowl of strawberries.

in the last years they explored the wide field between experimental electronics, noise, baroque counterpoint, idm and somehow even pop music. despite this, one element has always been at the centre of their work: destructive synthesis, which led them to make what they now call “degraded drum&drone”.

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r e l e a s e s & p r o j e c t s

/// ironaugust – malosco sessions remixed

compact disc

ironaugust is a remix project based on our 2015 album the malosco sessions. a group of artists was asked to create new versions of our music using only the vinyl record as a sound source.

more about this project


/// the malosco sessions

12″ vinyl

the 5 tracks on T**he Malosco Sessions have been performed live and subsequently recorded in the last 2 years. it’s a bit of a document of what we’ve been doing since we started kvsu.

the main setup used to perform these tracks is a collection of circuit-bent toys and keyboards, assorted desktop synthesizers, a drum machine, modular synth, sherman filterbank and various diy noisemakers.

cover design by Papernoise, artwork by Papernoise and akirasrebirth.


/// sen|xor

sen | xor a personal experience. In sen | xor your vital functions and your conscious and unconscious movements generate sounds and pictures.

you control kvsu~akirasrebirth’s instruments with your body, your feelings and your perception.

you are the audience, the interpreter, the composer and the instrument. Analogue and unpredictable.

sen | xor is an audio/video performance originally created in 2014 for the festival Transart. The electronic music duo kvsu and video artist akirasrebirth turned a small truck into an electronic music instrument, with which they toured South Tyrol playing 5-minute performances in which the spectator became part of the instrument itself.


/// more random tracks and videos


m o o o o o o r e k v s u

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